Frequently Asked Questions

Product use

The perfect time to eat Krono bars depends on the type of products.

Energy bars contain between 29 and 32 grams of carbohydrates, an essential energy source for exercise, therefore they are most effective when consumed 15 to 45 minutes before training.

The protein bars should be consumed after the exercise because the proteins they contain help muscle recovery and quickly replenish glycogen reserves.

The gels are perfect to be taken at any time. Consume them 15 minutes before your training and during the effort to bring up your energy level. They will also help to rebuild your glycogen reserves after the effort.

The gels can be consumed as is. You just have to tear off the packaging to enjoy their benefits.

They can also be diluted in water to make them easier to digest.

No matter how you prefer them, it is important to drink water when you consume energy gels to help their absorption and to make them effective more quickly.


All Krono Nutrition products are made with natural ingredients. Therefore, they do not contain processed sugars, unlike a large portion of the available snacks. The bars and gels are designed to provide all the essential nutrients for training, whether for adults or children.

However, it is recommended to avoid caffeinated products (Chocolate & Espresso energy bars, Maple & Coffee energy gels).


All Krono Nutrition products are made with natural ingredients and are a great source of energy. They offer the nutriments pregnant or breastfeeding women need and provide them a boost of energy.

However, it is recommended to limit the consumption of the caffeinated products (Chocolate & Espresso energy bars, Maple & Coffee energy gels).

The bars have a shelf life of 12 to 15 months from the time of production.

The gels can be kept for up to 15 months from the date of production.

All products can be stored at room temperature.

Yes, the bars can be frozen without any issues and the gels can be stored in the freezer, but they will not freeze.

Product ingredients

All Krono products are made of natural ingredients and are free of most common food allergens recognized in Canada.

All Krono products do not contain any of the principal allergens recognized in Canada, including peanuts, nuts, gluten, soya and dairy.

All Krono products are vegan and use plant-based proteins.

The ingredient list and the nutritional values are on the packaging of each product. These informations can also be found on our website, on the product’s page.

Online shopping

Orders will be treated within 1 or 2 business day(s). We offer free shipping with the purchase of $70 and more before taxes except for remote areas. Click here for more information.

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the return policy at [email protected].

Once your order is completed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number by email.

About Krono Nutrition

Krono Nutrition is a Canadian brand specialized in sports nutrition. We make it our priority to offer natural products that are free of the most food allergens recognized in Canada.

All Krono Nutrition products are made in Quebec and have been since the beginning of the company in 2005.

The learn more, check out the Our Story page.

Krono Nutrition is the only brand in Canada to offer performance nutrition products that are natural, vegan and allergen-free.

The products are designed for athletes. Each bar and gel has for goal to help the athlete during the different steps of training.

The products can be purchased on our website.

It is also possible to find them in many stores in Canada. To find the closest store, please consult our store locator.

Krono Nutrition’s headquarter is in Bois-des-Filion, Quebec.

The factory is located in Ch√Ęteauguay, Quebec.

General / Other

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