Energy Gel

24 energy gels Blueberries

Box of 24 gels



Blueberry energy gel offers a tasty and fruity texture in the mouth.

Main ingredients:
Sugars (tapioca syrup, blueberry puree), Sea salt, dipotassium phosphate, Citric acid, Tricalcium phosphate, Natural flavor.

Real. Good. Natural.

24 energy gels Blueberries



Convenient to consume, its smooth texture offers a high energy power with progressive diffusion, allowing to support intense efforts in all endurance sports.

The energy gels are part of the philosophy of a natural, healthy and high-performance diet. They are free of most common food allergens recognized in Canada.


  • Perfect ally for training, it reduces muscular fatigue and eases recovery
  • Provides a considerable dose of carbohydrates that are easily metabolized into glucose during training, providing the energy necessary for performance and helping to increase resistance
  • Protects muscles from dehydration and cramps
  • After a workout, it helps restore carbohydrates reserves rapidly
  • Rich in minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals, including magnesium and potassium and a bit of zinc and iron


  • Take one pouch at the start of your physical activity and thereafter, one pouch every 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity of your effort and your energy needs.
  • lt is recommended not to wait until you feel weak to consume it.


Shelf-stable at ambient temperature for up to 15 months from the production date.